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Our Story

Fluffyummy is headed by French Compagnon Pastry Chef, Kevin Ibert.

Chef Kevin has travelled the world to share his passion and develop his talent as a Chef.  With experiences in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Hong Kong and Shanghai, to name a few, he has now decided to bring his expertise to the country he fell in love with--the Philippines!

In 2018, Chef Kevin and his wife Janelle decided to move to the Philippines. In the beginning, they baked for friends and family and soon found their friends ordering cookies and pastries from them. At the same time, they themselves were in search for cookies and pastries but just couldn't find one that hits the spot. As a result, Fluffyummy was born!

Fluffyummy sells home-baked goods and pastries. The patisserie started with their Best-Selling Chunky Cookies which was very well received by the local palate. Soon after, they found themselves also offering treats for events and special occasions. Now, they have expanded to create whole cakes and breads and are looking forward to creating more products for Filipinos to enjoy! 

In 2020, Fluffyummy was renamed to Fluffyummy Gastrogroup which encompasses the different brands for the different types of bakery offerings. 

Cookie Maison has become the new brand name for cookie offerings, while True Bakery offers breads. The Chef Kevin Ibert brand, on the other hand, specifically offers a range of whole celebration cakes, jams, and spreads.