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Mini Old Fashioned Sweet Tart Shells (168 pcs. per tray)

Mini Old Fashioned Sweet Tart Shells (168 pcs. per tray)

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These ready-to-fill delectable pastry shells are the perfect vessel for any sweet filling you desire, from fruit to custard to chocolate and more.

These mini tart shells are ideal for any occasion, from a fancy dinner party to a casual afternoon tea. They're the perfect size for bite-sized treats, allowing your guests to sample a variety of flavours without feeling too indulgent.

Fill them with your favourite fruit compote or jam for a classic twist, or get creative and experiment with more unique flavour combinations. Whatever you choose, these Old Fashioned Sweet Mini Tart Shells are sure to impress and delight.

No added artificial colours or flavours.

Size: Top 50 mm D x Bottom 30 mm D x 15 mm H Store Frozen. 


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